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1. emerlights
Witam chciałbym poprzemieszczać te niektóre światełka np obniżyć podwyższyć itp, Tylko pytanie zasadnicze jak?? Bo gdy próbowałem to jaką kolwiek pozycje zmieniłem to odrazu skrypt nie działał

[lua]-- Emergency Lights resource by vovo4ka
-- please, do not remove copyright

local strobo_interval = 10 -- strobo light freq. 10 = 0.5 sec
local is_strobo_enabled = false -- enable/disable stroboscopic lights mode
-- lamps
local flash_interval = 0.5 -- flash freq
-- led blink mode
local blink_interval = 20 -- blink interval
local blink_duration = 2 -- 1..blink_interval

-- Node: If vehicleID what you want to change is not present here, you may add it manually
-- There are custom lights count and position for each vehicle is available

-- What is phase offset. I'm newbie in english and its hard to explain ;) You can read more about on http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Phase_(waves)
-- All you need to know about phase_offset: 0 and 10 values will have opposite intensity (i.e. light with 0 will be on and 10 will be off and vice versa)
-- dont read below, if youre humanities ;)
-- For each light source there are light intensity calculation performed at each time.
-- There are two lights type are available for vehicles:
-- 1.
-- Usually, light reflector is rotating and light intensity is proportional to visible part of lamp.
-- So, light intensity is approximated by simple model:
-- intensity(t, i) = 256*sin (t+PhaseOffset_i)
-- where t - is model time, ...

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